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Coordinating and Managing Volunteers

Building Skills and AwarenessAvenueHouse02

“Great to have such an enthusiastic trainer.  Really good at distilling complex points.”  Penny, Society of Biology

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Pre-Prepared Courses

  • Volunteer Management/ Coordinating Volunteers:  One Day
  • Recruiting Volunteers:  One Day
  • Supporting Volunteers:  One Day

Courses to Suit You.

Recruiting, strategising, dealing with difficult situations, celebrating… for a range of possibilities click here.  Example course outlines:

Building Skills and Awareness

  • Networking and Communications Skills
    • (including specifically for Young People)
  • Planning and Leading Events – Coaching and Group course
    • Includes management, team working, leading meetings, budgeting
  • Facilitation
  • Assertiveness
  • Training your Team
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Legal Responsibilities of Organisations:  Equality and Diversity

Courses to Suit You.

Two or three modules could be chosen for a one day training course.  A half day course could deal with one or two.

  •         Supporting and Supervising Volunteers
  •         Writing a Volunteer Policy
  •         Volunteer Agreements
  •         Essential Policies for Volunteer Management
  •         Advertising your Opportunities
  •         Recruiting the Right Volunteers
  •         The Volunteer Selection Process
  •         Planning and Running Inductions
  •         Volunteers and the Law
  •         Task Descriptions and Person Specifications
  •         Managing Volunteer Expenses

Digging Deeper…

Each of these sessions would be around three hours.  Two could make up a full day course.

  •         Planning a Training Programme for Volunteers
  •         Delivering Training for Volunteers
  •         Dealing with Difficult Situations
  •         Involving Diverse Volunteers
  •         Creating a Range of Volunteer Roles
  •         Working with volunteers with English as a second language
  •         Budgeting for and Funding your volunteering programme
  •         Delegating Volunteer Tasks
  •         Assertiveness for Volunteer Managers



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