Rebecca was an excellent trainer, very engaging and made the training very interesting with lots of interaction. Emma Thetford, Open Road

Open Road – Drug and Alcohol Support

Rebecca was friendly and approachable and I found the session very informative and helpful from start to finish. Joseph Beattie, BCYS


Brentwood Catholic Youth Service

I called Rebecca with a volunteer role enquiry and she was so incredibly helpful – and more to the point willing to be helpful. She explained to me about the problems with expenses and paid vs voluntary roles, and what we could legitimately claim as expenses for a voluntee.  She told me what to be wary of in terms of tax and role-specific expenses. Thank you Rebecca and thank you VAI for running this course – we are really focusing on best practice as a result.  Rachel Wolff, The Manna

The Manna

Extremely effective training with a variety of activities and engagement with all attendees. Sarah Bentall


Interactive and inspiring training – beyond my expectations.  has provided some great new ways of managing volunteers, and approaching ideas of support, development etc. Florence Harrington, St Helena Hospice

St Helena Hospice

Both courses were informative and interactive. I had no problem logging into the session and Rebecca explained how to make comments or ask questions. I would definitely use this method of training in the future. Sarah Wright, MS UK


The online platform was a great tool and very easy to use. I do like face to face training but this was a great addition.

Live Online Learning Attendee

The content of the session was great, clear and easy to understand and felt the trainer had a lot of experience. Rachel Bywater, Lighthouse Furniture Project

Lighthouse Furniture Project