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Rebecca (2)Volunteers Yeah – Training online and offline that builds our skills for involving people in the projects and causes we believe in.

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Involving volunteers?  One hour sessions to improve the way we involve volunteers and make our lives easier…

What’s your burning question about volunteer management?  One of these courses will cover it!

Browse the course topics below for an idea of what is covered in the sessions.  Click on an image for an outline.

Join like-minded people in a friendly interactive setting and get your volunteering questions answered! 

Interactive training online.  It’s fun! More info about live learning here

Creating Great Task Decriptions for Volunteers Roles
Recruiting People to Stay
Involving the Busy People
Volunteers and Employment Law
Who Can Volunteer?
Creating Inspiring One-off Opportunities
Demonstrating the Impact of your Volunteers and your Organisation
Time-saving Tech for Volunteer Coordinators