All you Need to Know About Volunteer Recruitment in One Image

Sometimes low-tech is the way to go.  Despite a bit of hi-tech with volunteer management online workshops,  it turns out I only need one little image to make the most important recruitment point.

Welcome, CUTE BOMB!

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“This is how we fight”

I have a picture on my pinboard above my desk. An image of two Palestinian young women smiling broadly at the camera. “This is how we fight – ” it says, and they describe how they laugh every time they are stopped at checkpoint. Laughter is the daily weapon they use in the face of inhuman treatment. “This is how we fight”. Continue reading ““This is how we fight””

You WILL be useful…

“I have been in Calais the jungle and it was one of the most difficult times I have ever lived in. I have stayed in the forest for nearly a year and a half. I have enjoyed the most beautiful friends in my life. They devoted their time to us and did everything they could to meet our needs of eating, drinking, dressing and treating like never before.” Letter from a refugee to Refugee Community Kitchen Continue reading “You WILL be useful…”

Recruit – Retain – Motivate. Free Sessions

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Recruitment – Retention- Motivation – Evaluation…

The online classroom for volunteer coordinators will be underway by the end of March.  Come to a free introduction session to find out more!

For Volunteer Co-ordinators, Volunteer Managers, ANYONE involving volunteers

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Come into the live online training room! Meet the trainer, test your headphones, scribble on the whiteboard and have a text chat.    If you’re feeling REALLY adventurous you can try out a mic!
By the end of just half an hour you’ll be able to:

  • Operate the simple tools to interact with other attendees and the trainer in a live online learning situation
  • Share your own skills and experience with others live and online

Full one hour sessions include:

  • Creating Great Task Descriptions for Volunteer Roles
  • Positive Feedback.jpgRecruiting People to Stay
  • Involving the Busy People
  • Volunteers and Employment Law
  • Who Can Volunteer?  Age, Immigration and Welfare Conundrums
  • Creating Inspiring One-Off Volunteer Opportunities
  • Demonstrating the Impact of your Volunteers and your Organisation
  • Time-Saving Tech for Volunteer Coordinators

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Yes NCVO! Let’s Be Bold!

This is ‘being bold for volunteering’:  Free resources for volunteer coordinators. Finding out what we need to know.  Fighting for the services that rely on the added value of volunteering.

Stuart Etherington' New Year Letter To the SectorDear Stuart,

Thank you for your New Year letter:  thoughts on the current situation for the voluntary sector.

It’s long!  It took me a while to read it and I had to look up solipsis but here I am with a response!

You say that you – and we – need to ‘be bold for volunteering.’   I see volunteers and coordinators being bold every day; I read your letter several times and really wasn’t clear exactly how NCVO will be being bold in 2017.

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Community through Volunteering: Waltham Forest

I’m happy to be heading to Community Waltham Forest’s Spring into Volunteering event on 22nd March.  community waltham forest

I’ll be talking through some online training ideas, signposting to resources and hopefully meeting other people (like you?!) who coordinate community action in my area. Continue reading “Community through Volunteering: Waltham Forest”